Chang Chen celebrates his daughter’s 100th day

The actual name of Chang Chen’s daughter was revealed yesterday at her 100th day celebration

Chang Chen celebrates his daughter’s 100th day

Yesterday marked Taiwanese actor Chang Chen’s daughter’s 100th day and to share the good news, the 38-year-old father sent out custom-made biscuits in the shape of pink lambs with orange lettering that read “YY” on them to his close friends and family.

Hong Kong actor-singer Aaron Kwok’s agent Xiao Mei took a picture of the box of biscuits and shared it on Weibo yesterday with the caption: “I can’t bear to eat the lamb biscuits – they’re just as cute as the baby!”

Xiao Mei also accidentally revealed that Chang Chen’s daughter is named Chang Yuan Yuan because it was printed on the box’s cover. Although the father did not reveal the reason behind the name, Xiao Mei guessed that it had to do with The Go Master, a movie which scored him a Best Actor nomination at the 2006 Golden Horse Awards, where he played the titular character Wu Qing Yuan.

Chang Chen celebrates his daughter’s 100th day

Netizens left their well wishes in the comments, wishing her “peaceful and happy” childhood.

Chang Chen is now officially in charge of changing Yuan Yuan’s diapers, as he previously mentioned, “I always had a hard time changing my daughter’s diapers, but I gradually learnt how to do it better. After a while, I discovered it can be quite fun!”

The actor married his four-year girlfriend Zhuang Wen Ru (Ann) in 2013 and the couple welcomed their daughter on March 10 this year.

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