Charlene Choi accepts 99-rose bouquet from male ‘fan’ during concert

Mystery man chats with her mother after the show, but singer insists she’s still single

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A male fan presented Hong Kong pop duo Twins, made up of Charlene Choi, 33, and Gillian Chung, 34, a bouquet of 99 roses at their concert on Monday night, but only Charlene stepped forward to accept the flowers, sparking rumours that the unknown man was her new beau.

When asked to comment after the show, Charlene said the man was a fan, and she emphasised she was still single and was concentrating on her career.

Gillian explained she was being in lazy when she didn’t step forward. “It was just one bouquet, so there was no need for both of us to accept it together,” she said.

Twins held the last of their five-concert Twins LOL Live in HK series at the Hong Kong Coliseum on January 4.

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The man, who looked to be in his thirties, was reportedly seated with Albert Yeung in the VIP area, and before and after the concert he was allowed to go backstage to visit Charlene. Albert Yeung is the chairman of Emperor Entertainment Group, under which Twins is an artiste group.

And at the after-party, the man was photographed being chummy with Charlene’s mother. Mani Fok, artist management director at Emperor Entertainment, said the man was the son of Albert’s friend, a fan of Twins and a regular guy who just returned from the US.

Charlene ended her five-year marriage with singer and actor Roland Cheng in 2010, and she broke up with actor William Chan, three years her junior, last September after dating for five years.

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