Charlene Choi denies third party rumours

Pop star attends event rehearsal looking wan and in poor spirits

Charlene Choi 1

Charlene Choi has denied that she and Hong Kong actor William Chan broke up because someone came between them, and reiterated that the separation was due to their spending little time together.

“Though we’re no longer dating, we’re still friends, and I’ve known him for so many years, he’s not the type [to cheat], I’m very clear about that,” she said.

Yesterday afternoon Charlene made her first appearance in Hong Kong after news of her breakup was announced. The singer–actress was at an event rehearsal with Gillian Chung, her Twins groupmate.

Charlene Choi 2

At the rehearsal, Charlene seemed thinner than she used to, and appeared listless during the dance routine, which she later said was due to the large number of media present.

On whether the breakup was due to pressure from the public or from their fans, Charlene said, “It was pressure from all fronts, but it was most hurtful seeing fans pitting themselves against one another. I wouldn’t mind being personally attacked, but it’s painful that our fans attacked one another.”

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