Charlene Choi dismisses marriage rumours

The Hong Kong singer and her beau, William Chan, are not rushing to get married

Charlene Choi dismisses marriage rumours

Rumour has it that Charlene Choi, member of Cantopop group Twins, is getting married to her actor-singer boyfriend William Chan (Chan Wai Ting). But she dismissed those speculations on Tuesday through a Weibo post.

“Help! Am I lousy at expressing myself? Or do the others have problems comprehending? When I’m working, I hope to keep matters of the heart private. I really don’t want the spotlight to end up on my love life whenever I release a new project.”

Charlene, who has been dating William since 2010, continued, “I have always been happy with my love life. There are no changes and no marriage. If I get do get married, I will let you guys know.”

Her first husband was actor Ronald Cheng but they divorced in 2010. Although she is in no hurry to wed a second time, netizens left comments urging the couple to do so quickly and have a child.

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