Charlene Choi rebuts rumours of being attached

The singer-actress clarifies that she is single right now


Charlene Choi appeared at a promotional event for the movie Good Take! yesterday, and rebutted recent rumours about her love life. “If you know anyone, introduce them to me,” she said, making it clear that she is currently not seeing anyone.  

Charlene had broken up with her boyfriend of five years, William Chan last year, and was recently reported to be seeing a 42-year-old divorcé named Hudson, who’s a restaurant owner.

The singer-actress retorted, “I’ve answered this before, no [I am not dating Hudson]. I’m single, stop asking blindly about my relationship status. If you have [someone in mind], then introduce him to me. It’s no use just writing about me,” when asked about the rumours.

She also cleared up the air regarding the rumours of her being involved with actress Elaine Yiu’s boyfriend, Chen Tsz Bong and reiterated that most of the rumours surrounding her relationships are fake.

“Tsz Bong is my classmate, we’ve known each other for 20 years, since we were in Secondary Three," she said.

While Charlene did reveal that she has made “a new friend” recently, she has no time to take the relationship to the next level and she “doesn’t know” if she’s ready for another relationship, as she has yet to meet anyone suitable.

Reporters cited an example of her five-year-long secret marriage to Ronald Cheng, which was only made known when they filed for a divorce in 2010, and asked if she would only reveal her next relationship after marriage.

“I’ve changed my ways since then, stop teasing me,” she said, before revealing that she will announce her next relationship when the two are ready to marry.

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