Charlene Choi reportedly seeing 42-year-old divorcé

Singer’s Twins bandmate Gillian Chung shields her from gossip


Hong Kong singer and actress Charlene Choi, 33, is reportedly seeing a 42-year-old restaurant owner named Hudson.

According to Hong Kong media, Hudson, a divorcé, was married to an Indonesian woman and has a 10-year-old son. He met Charlene through mutual friends and have been acquainted for many years.

Since Charlene split from actor William Chan late last year, she and Hudson grew closer, and the pair have often gone on trips together, though Charlene’s Twins bandmate, Gillian Chung, 35, is always part of the party to shield her from gossip.


Charlene often dines at the Japanese restaurant Hudson runs while waiting for her new beau to knock off, before heading to her Kowloon Tong residence to spend time together.

When asked for clarification, Hudson said he and Charlene are just good friends and even denied he had gone to her home. He said they had gone to visit mutual friends.

Through her management agency, Charlene denied the rumours of a budding romance. “We are acquainted,” she said. “That day we happened to run into each other at a convention, but it wasn’t a date!”

Her manager declined to comment.

Photos: PBE Media

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