Charlene Choi’s grandfather passes away

Ex-boyfriend William Chan doesn’t appear at service but sends wreath

Charlene Choi

Hong Kong pop star Charlene Choi’s paternal grandfather passed away earlier this month, and his ashes were interred at Hong Kong Funeral Home yesterday.

Charlene’s ex-boyfriend William Chan did not attend the service as he was filming in Beijing, but he sent over a wreath, as did celebs Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Hins Cheung and others.

Charlene, one half of pop duo Twins, arrived at 10 am yesterday dressed in black, and after the interment ceremony she left the funeral home behind her father, who was carrying the portrait of her grandfather.

Albert Yeung, chairman of Emperor Group and Charlene’s boss, showed up to pay his respects too.

Charlene and William parted ways a month ago after dating for five years.

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