Charlie Yeung mourns father’s passing

Actress thanks friends, family, fans via Weibo

Charlie Yeung

Hong Kong actress and singer Charlie Yeung announced yesterday that her father had passed away.

In a post on Weibo just after midnight, she wrote: “Thanks to everyone for your concern. My dear father returned to heaven peacefully, surrounded by love.

“My mother and I are immensely grateful to all who’ve helped us — you are truly angels sent from above, and I wish you all peace.”

Though the actress had made her father’s funeral arrangements quietly, many fans learned about the news and left her comments on social media: “Be strong! Your father in heaven wouldn’t want you to be sad,” “Hope everything is well, and we’ll stay by your side.”

Charlie married Singaporean Khoo Shao Tze in November 2013, but her father was too frail to travel here for the wedding. Afterwards, Charlie said she would return to Hong Kong with her husband to serve tea to her father.

Charlie Yeung 2

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