Charmaine Sheh still waiting for Mr. Right

The actress is said to have taken steps in the hope of being able to settle down soon

Charmaine Sheh still waiting for Mr. Right

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh is still waiting for her Mr. Right. While Charmaine shared her sage-like advice on matters of the heart with us during her visit earlier this year, it seems that she is taking marriage matters into her own hands.

While her career has flourished tremendously over the past few years, the actress is said to have not been as lucky in love. With time ticking by relentlessly, Charmaine is reported to have purchased a new house which will bring her more relationship fortune, along with visiting religious sites all over the world.

Under the guidance of a master, she is said to have splashed out on a home with exceedingly good fengshui and even went on to redecorate it – lights, paint, sofas and mattresses are said to have been aspects she paid special attention to – all in order to create a warm atmosphere to attract a groom.

Charmaine Sheh still waiting for Mr. Right

Charmaine, who has been religious from a tender age, has also increased her Buddhist activities in the recent years. In April, she visited Sichuan’s Mount Qingcheng, which is regarded as one of the most important centres of Taoism in China. In June, she went back to her hometown of Zhongshan, where she went to the Dong Feng Tian Hou Mazu Temple. She has also visited Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine in recent months.

When probed about her intention of visiting a number of holy sites of late, she shared, “I’m still waiting (for my luck in marriage); I’m praying for peace and health.” While admitting that she wishes to settle down and that she currently has suitors pursuing her, she has yet to find her Mr. Right.

“Liking someone can be for a lifetime, so you have to take your time to pick. I know it’s difficult (but) I’m not short of money, all I need is to wait for someone I can genuinely love with all my heart.”

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