Chauffeur sells house belonging to Vicki Zhao’s husband

Employee impersonates actress’s spouse to dupe facial recognition system

Vicki Zhao

A residence belonging to Huang You Long, the businessman husband of Chinese actress Vicki Zhao, has been sold by the couple’s chauffeur unbeknownst to them, and the buyer is suing You Long for refusing to vacate the property.

The driver impersonated his employer and managed to pass legal checks and a facial recognition system to obtain documents from a local notary office. The driver then engaged another person to conduct the sale to a certain Mr Wu, who then filed suit.

Vicki Zhao

The facial recognition system used is said to be based on China’s latest second-generation personal identification scanning technology. A camera captures the image of a person’s face and compares it to information held in the database to ascertain someone’s identity.

Internet users were bewildered by how the Huangs’ driver could pass facial recognition checks. “Is he (You Long’s) fraternal twin?” “It’s good that Vicki didn’t mistake the driver for her own husband,” some wrote.

The couple are also suspected of profiting from insider trading involving the Chinese video streaming sites Youku and Tudou.

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