Chen Bo Lin makes first public appearance after drug scandal

The Taiwanese actor denies that his reputation has been damaged as he “did not do anything wrong”

陈柏霖"房东"吸毒案首露面 称柯震东越来越健康

After being embroiled in the drug scandal involving celebrities Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan, Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin made his first public appearance on Tuesday at a fashion event.

Currently busy with Chinese movie The Continent, Bo Lin shared with the media that he has been keeping in contact with Kai via phone calls after the latter returned to Taiwan. Speaking of the 23-year-old who has offered to pay for his rehabilitation treatment, he was able to feel that Kai’s condition is improving and believes he will get better.

As for Jaycee, who is still under detention in China, Bo Lin said he has always been concerned about his friend but is unsure of his condition as there is still no news about the trial dates.

Responding to rumours which alleged that he was involved in their drug parties, the 31-year-old denies his reputation was damaged and said, “I did not do anything wrong so I’m not afraid.”

He further explained the reason for not attending several events previously was not because he was afraid of investigations, but was due to promotional activities for The Continent instead. Bo Lin is also busy preparing for his upcoming movie project which will begin filming next March.

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