Chen Meifeng tried to fix Ruby Lin up with Jerry Yan

Actress’s matchmaking plans fell through

Ruby, Jerry

Taiwanese actress Chen Meifeng, 59, has spoken up about the latest round of rumours surrounding actors and singers Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan, both 39.

“I tried to play matchmaker, but it didn’t work out,” Meifeng said while at a dance rehearsal on Monday for her Chinese New Year performance item.

Ruby and Jerry were spotted behaving intimately on December 12 at a group dinner, where Meifeng was present. The two later left the restaurant together and headed towards her place.

But Ruby denied she was seeing Jerry, and her manager explained that the Meteor Garden actor had gone to see his good friend Vic Chou, who lived in the same building as Ruby.


Meifeng said she didn’t think it was a problem that it didn’t work out between Ruby and Jerry, adding that if they could collaborate at work and help each other professionally, that was a good outcome too.

When asked whether she had met Jerry’s rumoured girlfriend, Taiwanese model Seanna Chang, the television veteran replied that she didn’t discuss Jerry’s personal matters with him. “He isn’t married, so what’s wrong with making friends?” she said.

Ruby Lin seen flirting, returning home with Jerry Yan 
Ruby Lin denies rumours with Jerry Yan  

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