Chen Yu-Shan writes 2,000-word Facebook post to clarify kissing fiasco

Director tells her daughter: ‘I can’t make everyone approve of my actions’

Darren Wang, Chen Yu-Shan

Taiwanese director Chen Yu-Shan, who helmed the recent movie Our Times, wrote a private 2,000-word Facebook post to clear the air on the scandalous kissing episode involving her lead actor, Darren Wang.

Yu-Shan addressed the post to her children, and explained that at the celebration party for Our Times, a string of the movie’s cast had lined up to kiss her as a way of thanking her for making the film such a massive hit.

Though it started out with tame pecks on her cheek, she wrote that each actor tried to outdo the previous person with creative, outrageous moves. By the time it was Darren’s turn, he wouldn’t do it, saying the director’s husband was present. Only when her husband nodded his consent did Darren swoop in with a French kiss.

She wrote to her children: “When I found out the tabloids were planning to run this photo, your father comforted me and told me not to worry. I’m lucky that he trusts me so much, because he was at the party throughout. It wasn’t a moment of folly.”

Yu-Shan added some advice for her daughter: “I can’t make everyone approve of my actions, but I believe we must never harm others in whatever we do.”

“No one can define who you are; only you can.”

The director also explained that anytime she met up with Darren it was for work purposes. “It was a private event and yet such photos get leaked, I feel sad about being betrayed by friends I trust,” she wrote.

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