Cheryl Yang embraces close male friend in front of beau

The actress and friends painted the town red on Saturday night

Cheryl Yang

Taiwanese actress and model Cheryl Yang appeared tipsy after four hours of drinking and partying at a local restaurant in Taipei on Saturday night, and even embraced a male friend in full view of her photographer boyfriend of two years, Ke Chao Zhang.

Taiwan media reports Cheryl, Chao Zhang and actor Tuan Chun-hao were on their way to a karaoke bar when Cheryl met and hugged a male friend wearing white.

After Cheryl’s friend left, actress Yvonne Yao joined the group for karaoke as she couldn’t attend the dinner session. Despite Cheryl’s seemingly inebriated state, she displayed astonishing endurance after hours of revelry, rushing to the counter to book a karaoke room while leaning on Yvonne.

Cheryl Yang

Cheryl’s manager made a statement yesterday that Cheryl had made dinner plans with her boyfriend, Chun-hao and Yvonne, but they didn’t drink wine. The manager added, “Cheryl was thrilled to meet up with her friends, perhaps she was a bit loud and gave the impression she was drunk.”

Her manager also clarified that the man wearing white was a close friend of Cheryl’s, so she was surprised to meet him and hugged him on the spot.

According to reports, Cheryl, 37, started seeing Chao Zhang after they met on the set of The Queen.

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