Cheryl Yang spotted with new squeeze

Taiwanese actress confirms that she is seeing someone new


Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang was spotted having a lunch date with a man on Tuesday, when a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan.

The duo were seen having a meal at a steak restaurant, and it was reported that the man in question was a 38-year-old businessman named Ben, who currently runs an oil equipment company with his uncle. Ben, who had studied in America previously, had returned to Taiwan 10 years ago.

During their meal, the couple was seen chatting and laughing away, with Cheryl’s eyes constantly on Ben. When the earthquake happened, Ben helped to reassure and care for Cheryl by advising her to reposition herself.


Cheryl admitted to their relationship on Wednesday and shared that they have been dating for a month. The 38-year-old actress also praised Ben for being “upright and filial”, and described him as someone she can hold a conversation with.

Cheryl also revealed that her businessman boyfriend, whom she met through Taiwanese singer Phoebe Huang, has met her mother too. The actress also went on to share that Ben “cherished” her, especially when he told her to “stop eating when you’re full, your stomach’s important too”, instead of telling her to “finish your food, so as to minimise food wastage.”

Photos: PBE Media

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