Chin Ka Lok visits newborn daughter in hospital

Wife Angela Tong won’t be accepting acting roles for a while

Chin Ka Lok, Angela Tong

Hong Kong actor and stuntman Chin Ka Lok and his eldest daughter, Alyssa, visited his wife, actress Angela Tong, and their newborn daughter in hospital on Friday. He said Angela won’t be taking up acting roles for a while.

“Kids grow up so fast,” he said. “We hope to be with them as they grow up, so I’ll be responsible for the family income.”

Ka Lok and Angela welcomed their second daughter, Kassidy, on September 23. Angela said her wounds healed within a day, but added she has no plans to try for a third child at the moment. “It’s too soon,” she said.

Ka Lok said, “The house is full of women, I don’t call the shots anymore.”

The family of four openly posed for photographs, and when asked about which parent Kassidy resembled more, Angela said she would be fine if Kassidy looked like her father, because she is fond of her husband. Ka Lok added, “It’s fair if one daughter looks like me and the other looks like Angela. But it’s better to resemble me, I’m good-looking.”

Angela said she would spend the next two months learning breastfeeding techniques to breastfeed Kassidy for six months to a year.

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