Chow Yun Fat keeps his 60th birthday celebration low key

Chow Yun Fat’s wife celebrates his birthday this year at a small restaurant with strawberry cake 

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Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat has always kept his personal life low key and has never been engaged in a large-scale birthday celebration. Even for the big 6-0, it still wasn’t any different.

On Monday (May 18), a netizen posted pictures on Weibo of Mrs. Chow giving him a kiss on the cheek and looking very sweet as they took photographs together.

The two appeared to be in a small restaurant, nothing too fancy for the man who likes to keep it on the down-low. The tables were simply covered with pink plastic and there were stacks of red plastic chairs around, like at any average restaurant. They were also using plastic plates to enjoy the cake.

On the cake she gave her husband, Mrs. Chow had dedicated a birthday message on a white chocolate topping: “My husband, happy birthday. May you always be blessed. Love, your wife.”

Many netizens sent their best wishes for the actor, saying comments like “I want to kiss you”, and some even called him a “role model for the world”.

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