Chris Ke makes first public appearance following marriage dispute

The actress taught viewers how to make dumplings in a Facebook live broadcast

Chris Ke

Taiwanese actress Chris Ke broadcasted a live video on Facebook yesterday, demonstrating how to make dumplings from scratch. This video was her first public appearance ever since being called a “sneaky woman” by her husband, Ko Tsung Kun, after she filed for the separation of their property. 

In the broadcast, the actress teamed up with professional chef Zheng Yuan Xun, who guided her on the steps and ingredients required to make dumplings.

Chris appeared visibly skinnier with seemingly tired eyes and many also felt that she was forcing herself to be ‘happy’ for this video. Her manager had previously said that she had spent nine days crying at home after the accusations, pondering about whether she wanted to give her marriage a second try.

Chris Ke1

After learning of the situation, Chef Zheng was kind enough to ask if she wanted to reschedule the broadcast but the actress remained very professional and decided not to let her personal life interfere with her work.

“I gave it much thought and realised that I should not waste the chef’s precious time over my personal issues. Most importantly, I should not give up so easily,” Chris said.

Chris and Tsung Kun have been married since 2011 and have three children together. He was rumoured to have been in an affair with a female employee for the past two years but has since denied these claims and even lashed back at Chris for spreading false information.  

It was then reported by Taiwanese media that Chris had consulted divorce lawyers today but these claims had yet to be confirmed by Tsung Kun or Chris’s manager.

Photos: PBE Media

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