Chris Wang hopes to have second child within 2 years

The new father hopes to have three kids in total

Chris Wang hopes to have second child within 2 years

Taiwanese actor Chris Wang celebrated his 33rd birthday together with fans and his two-month-old baby girl, nicknamed Guen Guen (Wang Lei Bang) yesterday, and declared that he wants to have a second child within the next two years.

At the advanced birthday celebration with fans which was done in conjunction with his fan meeting, the birthday boy (he turns 33 today) was deeply moved to see a lot of familiar faces at the party.

He was especially grateful to have these die-hard fans supporting him through his different stages in life, starting from when he was a rookie actor. Now a husband and father to one, he expressed with relief: “Thank you everyone for not leaving me, even after I got married and became a dad.”

Chris’ former onscreen love interests, including Sonia Sui, Annie Chen and Tiffany Hsu also sent their blessings in a video message for him. The actresses urged him to conceive a second child and to “form a football team” of his own. However, Chris chuckled that it’s impossible and instead revealed that he desires to “have three children.”

Baby-making plans, however, will have to be put on hold for now as Chris is currently busy with a movie project in Hong Kong. After work wraps, he intends to take wedding photos with his wife, Xiao Jian, before embarking on a long vacation of at least three months to the southern hemisphere with both mother and daughter. 
Chris Wang hopes to have second child within 2 years

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