Chris Wang takes break from showbiz for family world tour

Actor embarks on journey with wife, 9-month-old daughter


Taiwanese actor and television host Chris Wang, 33, announced on Wednesday that he will take a break from showbiz to tour the world with his wife and daughter.

On Tuesday, the actor was at his book launch when he said he had always wanted to travel the world but never could, due to financial commitments and family responsibilities. But when he played a cowardly character in a recent movie, he decided he had to realise his dream before it was too late.

Before Chris departed, he posted on Facebook that as he paid his respects at the family altar he teared up. He added that he wrote a goodbye letter to his boss, who replied, “I support you in doing what I shall never get to do, and it seems to make up for the regret I feel, that I want to be willful at times but I can’t.”


The actor said, “Life is made up of regrets, isn’t it? That’s why the world is this beautiful? Perhaps living free and easy now might lead to regrets later on? Who knows? But I’m still choosing to move forward, because if I don’t do it now, I never will, and that will definitely be a huge regret of my life.”

Chris married his manager and agent, Lin Yi-xian, last year and their daughter, Lei-chen, was born last April.

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