Chris Wang tears up at finish line of rally through Inner Mongolia

Actor’s wife and infant daughter welcome him as he completes China Grand Rally

Chris Wang 1

Taiwanese actor Chris Wang endured 14 days of desert motorbike and car races in Inner Mongolia as part of the 2015 China Grand Rally, but only broke down when he reached the finish line and saw his wife and baby daughter waiting for him there.

The actor, who shot to fame as a host for Taiwanese travel programme The King of Adventure, placed third in the all-terrain vehicle race category of the rally and won the best newcomer award in the motorbike category, he shared on Facebook yesterday.

Chris also posted a family photo with his wife and manager, Lin Yixian, and their 4-month-old daughter, Wang Lei Zhen (nicknamed Lei Lei).

“This is the first time I’m publicly posting a photo of the three of us,” he wrote. “This is an important moment for me, and I hope to share this with all of you.”

Internet users praised Chris’s family for being supportive of his interests.

The adventurous actor penned an emotional 700-word note to his wife and daughter in August before he left for Inner Mongolia for the 2015 China Grand Rally.

Chris Wang 2

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