Christine Fan gives birth to twin baby boys

The Taiwanese singer gave birth to “Big and Small Panda” via cesarean section yesterday 

Christine Fan gives birth to twin baby boys
Taiwanese celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan welcomed their twin baby boys “Big and Small Panda” yesterday (Jan 15), one month before their due date.

According to media reports, Christine was sent to the labour ward following the premature rupture of membranes holding the amniotic fluid. The 38-year-old singer gave birth to the babies via cesarean section.

Blackie broke the good news with a Weibo post in the evening. He posted a photo of the newborns and wrote: “Mummy and babies are well. The boys quietly arrived in the beautiful world today! Thank God for blessing us with these two adorable darlings.”

As the babies were delivered prematurely, they are currently being placed in the incubator for observation purposes.

After recovering from the procedure, Christine, who had enjoyed a dinner gathering with her girlfriends Fish Leong and Pace Wu on the night before, also shared her joy via social media.  “Big and Small Panda are here! So happy! Thank God for blessing us with a lovely family of four,” she said.

On the other hand, Christine’s good friend, Taiwanese host Dee Hsu mistook the babies for someone else’s children when Blackie sent the picture to her. Dee was pleasantly surprised to find out that the boys in the photo are actually her godsons and extended a warm welcome to the little ones.

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu could barely hide her excitement. “I am so happy that I can fly!” she exclaimed.

In 2011, Blackie and Christine sealed their decade-long relationship in marriage. Their efforts in conceiving a child finally came to fruition last year when the couple announced in August that they were expecting a pair of twins. Although the first-time parents knew of the babies’ gender a long time ago, they decided to keep it a secret until the boys were born.   

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