Christine Fan is desperate to lose baby weight

The mother of two lamented that she still needs to lose 5kg of baby weight

Christine Fan is desperate to baby weight
Four years after tying the knot in 2011, Taiwanese celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen finally became parents to a pair of twin sons, River and Ryan Chen on January 15 this year.

With two new additions to the family, the baby-crazed couple have been actively keeping fans updated about their sons’ progress by sharing daily updates on social media. 

Last Friday, 38-year-old Blackie posted a photo of Christine pushing a baby stroller in a shopping mall and wrote about his wife’s weight loss goals on Facebook. 

 “My wife said she still needs to lose 5kg… but I really think she should eat more! I don’t understand women‘s logic.”

Subsequently, Christine reposted Blackie’s photo on her Facebook and wrote, “You (Blackie) know nothing at all. I look skinny because I hid my belly under the corset.”

39-year-old Christine also responded to netizens’ comments on her post and “begged” for tips to keep fit. Netizens who are mostly mother themselves, resonated with Christine’s weight loss woes, while others agreed with Blackie that Christine was too skinny in the past and looks just as gorgeous after confinement. 

Christine Fan is desperate to baby weight
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