Christine Fan sneaks a quick break from parenting

The mother-of-two pampered herself with a good skincare routine

Christine Fan sneaks a quick break from parenting
Taiwanese singer and mother-of-two Christine Fan recently gave herself some ‘me time’ amidst her busy daily routine of caring for her twin boys.

The first-time mother and her husband Blackie Chen have soaked in the joy of their newborns Chen Rui Fei and Chen Rui Xiang after ushering their arrival in January this year.

However, according to Taiwanese media reports, the couple could barely find time to rest while tending to their children daily.

On Wednesday (Feb 25), just as the long Lunar New Year break had ended, Christine shared a photo on her Weibo, lamenting that she has not taken any time off since the delivery of her boys but finally squeezed out some time to care for her skin.

In the photo, the bare-faced 38-year-old mother is seen revealing her forehead with her hair tucked under a knitted hat. Netizens joked that she looks like comic character Batman as she had a black eye-mask on.

Christine also remarked comically in her caption, “I have already forgotten when the last time I did a facial mask was. As I feel tired, ugly, fat and sloppy every day, I decided to turn into Bat(wo)man while my two boys are soundly asleep.”

Christine Fan sneaks a quick break from parenting
Seeing Christine recovering quickly to her pre-pregnancy figure and being in good spirits, many netizens praised her to be “very skinny, very fair and very beautiful”. Others also asked her not to forget to mind her body and health while caring for her children.

While Christine is currently staying home to look after the boys, husband Blackie is taking the role of the home’s sole breadwinner.

Sources claimed that the first-time father’s popularity skyrocketed after the birth of Rui Fei and Rui Xiang. Blackie is also said to have earned at least NT$10 million (approximately S$430,000) from five new sponsorship deals.

The couple had recently celebrated the first-month anniversary of their baby boys. Not only did they share their joy by gifting their friends and family with oil rice (a traditional practice in Taiwan), they also attached a lovely card printed with a pair of pandas holding hands and the words, “Big and small panda Fei Fei and Xiang Xiang wish everyone peace and joy.”

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