Christine Fan suffers from ‘baby brain’

Singer says she now has the memory span of a goldfish

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Taiwanese singer-songwriter Christine Fan, 39, said having twin sons would set her intelligence back for six years. The first-time mum revealed she suffers from “baby brain,” the pregnancy-induced mental fog.

The singer reportedly became forgetful after having her sons, and she would often replace nouns with “that thing” and once even asked flight attendants after take-off whether the plane was heading for customs.

“Now my memory span is the same as a goldfish — 7 seconds,” she said during her “Fanfan's Thanksgiving Day” concert at Legacy Taipei on Sunday.

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Together with her husband, Taiwanese entertainer and actor Blackie Chen, her twin sons, River and Ryan, attended her first solo concert after childbirth.

The concert comes after her latest album, My Thanksgiving, was released last year. Christine said, “I’m grateful — it’s been 1,319 days since my previous album. One person’s willfulness needs everyone else’s acceptance.

My Thanksgiving is Christine’s last album with her current record label, Linfair Records, before her contract expires. The singer will then take a break, likely for a year.

“I’m fortunate to be able to stay with one company for 15 years, and after becoming a mother I shall make new plans,” she said.

River and Ryan were born on January 15.

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