Christine Fan will not reveal gender of twins

Although the singer already knows the gender of her twins, she does not intend to reveal it until she delivers

Christine Fan will not reveal gender of twins

Celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen announced in August that they are finally expecting twins after their three-year marriage. Naming them “Big and Small Panda,” Christine, who is into her fourth month of pregnancy, already knows their gender.

While she plans to keep it a secret till she gives birth, her friends have placed bets starting from NT$500 (approximately S$21) to guess the correct answer. Some predicted it was a boy-girl twin, few guessed both were girls and most speculated that it will be two boys for the couple.

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On Tuesday, the singer met up with mother-to-be Rene Liu, Malaysian singer Fish Leong and singer-songwriter Ma Yu Fen. Christine, who put on more than 10 kilograms after she became pregnant, envies Rene’s smaller baby bump and her quicker motions.

Even though the 38-year-old jokingly called herself a frog with a big tummy and short limbs, she shared that her “cup size” has increased to “the largest she has had in her life”. After her estimated delivery date in between Chinese New Year next year and March, Christine intends to breastfeed her babies to maintain her current cup size.

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