Chu Keliang responds to Jeannie Hsieh’s allegations

The entertainer also revealed more details about Jeannie’s son


On Saturday night, Jeannie Hsieh played a video containing a message revealing her family’s complicated past at her concert, where she brought to light her father, Chu Keliang’s infidelities, amongst other allegations.

22 hours after her video message was shown, Chu Keliang hit back with a 10 minute video of his own, where he called Jeannie “poisonous” and someone with a bad heart.

In his video, Chu Keliang brought up the serious car accident that Jeannie got into when she was younger, saying, “When Jeannie Hsieh got into a car accident, I went to the hospital to help her, save her, and lent money. There’s a saying, ‘If you enjoyed the fruit, you must at least thank the tree’. As your father, shouldn’t you at least thank me?”


The 69-year-old also discussed the ‘mystery father’ of Jeannie’s son, whose identity has been kept under wraps, and divulged that his oldest son, Hsieh Shunfu knew the identity of the ‘mystery father’.

“It turns out that when you gave birth to your son, it was your brother [Hsieh Shunfu] who brought you to America to give birth. I tolerated the cruel fact that my son didn’t even tell me the identity of the ‘mystery father’. I kept thinking, whether the father had anything to do with my son, and finally, I guessed who it was.”

Finally, Chu Keliang helplessly declared, “You hate me, and you say that I beat my wives, but that’s in the past. Your family came to stay at my house in the end, if you bring up these matters now, wouldn’t I be hurt? I hope the public will forgive me. Remember, when I had my comeback on stage I’ve already discussed this in public. All my previous wives have been good, I gambled too much, it’s my fault, and I’ve let down my ex-wives. I’ve already said all these before, why are you saying all these now to hurt me so greatly. Ms Jeannie Hsieh, I wish you well, thank you.”

Photos: PBE Media

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