Could Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho be through?

Instagram post on loneliness a hint at things going south

Kenji Wu, Laurinda Ho

Another Stanley Ho scion may be out of love.

After Mario Ho’s relationship with pop star Yumi was reported to be in trouble, his half-sister Laurinda Ho may be going through a similar fate.

On Sunday Laurinda posted a message on Instagram: “Up until now, I’m content with loneliness.” Fans took it to mean that her four-year relationship with Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu was on the rocks, and wondered whether being apart from Kenji for long periods caused the rift. Though Laurinda deleted the post soon after, the rumours lived on.

During a recent interview, Kenji answered questions on Laurinda without much reservation, but a friend standing on the side let slip that Kenji hadn’t seen Laurinda in a long time.

The singer is known for being open and forthcoming in interviews, but a question sent to him by instant messaging afterwards went unanswered.

It’s been reported that Kenji and Laurinda’s relationship has always been plagued by tension due to her unusual background. Kenji once said he hated hearing comments about how he needn’t work so hard because he was dating a rich man’s daughter.

Insisting that he would never let a lady foot the bill, Kenji has always paid for their dates and travel expenses, even for Laurinda’s flights to Taiwan to visit him.

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