Counterfeits of Nicholas Tse’s cookie products selling online

Hong Kong actor angry and hurt, may consider lodging police report

Nicholas Tse

Counterfeit versions of Nicholas Tse’s top-selling cookies have been found retailing on the Internet, with the fakes so well-made that many are taken in, Chinese media reports.

The singer, actor and now F&B entrepreneur’s “Taste of Feng” cookies have become insanely popular after they were launched in May, leading to a thriving online black market.

The counterfeit cookies are reported to be almost 90 percent similar to the original in terms of presentation, from the font on the box, the packaging to the shape of the cookie themselves. However, the contents taste inferior.

Nicholas Tse 1

Nicholas’s manager said he was furious and hurt on learning about the counterfeit cookies. “His hard work is being forged, and he’s such a perfectionist too, he would often incur extra cost to maintain quality. If someone’s health suffers after eating these counterfeit cookies, that would be a disaster!”

The Bodyguards and Assassins actor might work on adding laser-printed logos or seals, or changing the packaging or the shape of the cookies, because he fears the impact of police action on his brand.

Nicholas got inspired to create his own food products after filming Chef Nic, a Chinese food travelogue show he hosts on Zhejiang Television. He launched “Taste of Feng” after a year of research and experimenting.

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