Cyndi Wang attacked yet again for being ‘third party’

Singer still can’t shake off bad rap from dating Yao Yuanhao


Cyndi Wang, 33, professed her love for boyfriend Yao Yuanhao during her solo concert at the Taipei Arena last night, but afterwards the Taiwanese actress and singer was slammed online for being the “third party” and splitting up Yuanhao and actress–model Sonia Sui three years ago.

On stage on Sunday, Cyndi said to the audience, “Due to one relationship, I nearly lost everything three years ago, including the Taipei Arena concert I was preparing for.” She added she had no regrets, saying, “If there’s a chance to love someone, it’s worth it.”

Yuanhao, 33, and Sonia, 35, dated for eight years before breaking up in 2012, widely believed to be because Cyndi came between them.

Responding to criticism that she was the third party in Yuanhao’s relationship with Sonia, Cyndi posted on her Facebook page yesterday that she was just sharing her thoughts on love with her concert audience and didn’t expect people to read too much into it. She reiterated that she did not steal Yuanhao from Sonia.

Cyndi’s statement added that her management agency, Day Star Music, reserved the right to take legal action to protect its artistes’ reputation.

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