Cyndi Wang’s family reportedly won’t let her marry Yao Yuanhao

Actor’s lack of income a reason he was refused


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao, 33, reportedly asked Cyndi Wang’s family for permission to marry, but his lack of income compared to the singer was cited as a reason he was turned down.

According to Taiwanese media, Yuanhao had dinner with Cyndi, her mother and other family members recently, but when the topic of marriage came up he was flatly refused, and the atmosphere at the table became awkward.

Sources say the biggest obstacle in Yuanhao’s and Cyndi’s way is her mother’s disapproval of him, that his work hasn’t been going well the past two years and that Cyndi earns more than him.

And Cyndi, who’s known to dislike getting tanned, would often head outdoors to take part in hobbies Yuanhao enjoys, so her friends and family dislike him even more.

Yuanhao’s manager responded to the rumours, saying, “The sources have such a wild imagination. That dinner was a regular get-together, and both parties are busy with work this year so they have no plans to marry yet.”

His manager added that Yuanhao received invitations to work on two television programmes and one drama series this year, so he wasn’t doing as poorly as the rumours claimed.

Cyndi’s manager also denied that marriage was discussed at the dinner, and added that the singer was not planning to marry yet.

The pair started dating in 2012 while Yuanhao was involved in a public breakup with model-actress Sonia Sui. Cyndi has never managed to shake off the ‘third party’ label, though she said during her January concert in Taipei that if she had the chance to turn back time, she would still choose love over all else.

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