Cyndi Wang, Yao Yuanhao behave like an ‘old married couple’

The couple was spotted having a late-night sushi date


Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuanhao’s three-year-long relationship is still going strong. The celebrity couple have rode out a rough patch in their relationship, after Cyndi was accused of coming between Yuanhao and his former girlfriend of eight years, Sonia Sui, in 2012.

After their relationship scandal, the couple would always avoid being photographed together when they are out. However, they paid no attention to the cameras around them and behaved like an ‘old married couple’, during a late night sushi meal with their friends on Monday night.


The couple and their friends stayed past the closing hours and only left the restaurant when the shop’s staff started cleaning up. After which, Cyndi and Yuanhao was seen leaving in a cab together.

While many believe that wedding bells will soon toll for Cyndi and Yuanhao, the couple’s respective management agencies have confirmed otherwise, saying that the couple will not be marrying this year.

Photos: PBE Media

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