Darren Wang cleans up after father’s boastful words

Actor pleads: Please let my father off

Darren Wang

Taiwanese actor Darren Wang, 24, had to speak up for his old man after the latter boasted of having set aside US$60 million (approximately S$84 million) to support his son in taking on Hollywood and the mainland Chinese film market, including hiring Taiwan director Lee Ang and actress Brigitte Lin to film a movie with Darren.

At his book signing on Sunday, Darren said, “I’ve reminded him not to say such things again,” and pleaded with the media and the public, saying, “Please let my father off, he’s not in the entertainment industry so he doesn’t understand these issues.”

“He means well, but actors have to depend on the script and the production crew, and anyway he doesn’t have that much money!”

On the accusations that his father is his backing, Darren said, “I’ve come this far without ever depending on him.”

Darren’s father, Wang Tai-ching, is an antique collector worth hundreds of millions, and he has said he supports his son’s move to quit Angie Chai’s management agency for Frankie Chen’s, who directed him in the hit movie Our Times.

Darren Wang Leaves Angie Chai for Frankie Chen 
Darren Wang looking to terminate contract with Angie Chai 

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