Darren Wang: I don’t want to be known as Hsu Tai Yu any more

The actor shared his hopes for the New Year

Darren Wang: I don’t want to be known as Hsu Tai Yu any more


Darren Wang may have waited seven years for his big break in Our Times, but the 24-year-old has declared that he no longer wants to be known as just Hsu Tai Yu, the leading character in the popular movie.

With the turn of the Lunar New Year, the actor shared that his biggest wish is to participate in a good project this year, quipping, “I can’t always only have Hsu Tai Yu to mention, can I?” Refusing to comment on his reported contract termination with Angie Chai, Darren also stopped short of mentioning Our Times director Frankie Chen, whose label he is reportedly seeking to join.

Darren Wang: I don’t want to be known as Hsu Tai Yu any more

He also refused to divulge any ill treatment he faced at his company; neither did he comment on the remarks from the public calling him ungrateful for wanting to break his contract after making it big. The only thing he mentioned with regards to these were, “Those who know me will understand and it’s no use explaining it to those who don’t”.

Even with his success, Darren has not rested on his laurels and has completed filming for two upcoming movies, 10,000 Miles and Railroad Tigers, both of which are slated for releases this year. He shared that he is looking to dive straight into work after the Lunar New Year holiday, which includes promoting his works and participating in more projects to become a better actor.

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