Darren Wang once dated a Shanghai woman 10 years older

Actor’s romantic history dug up through the lady’s Weibo photos

Darren Wang 1

Actor Darren Wang, the lead actor from the Taiwanese box-office smash Our Times, was recently revealed to have dated Xing Pei Chen, a Shanghai woman 10 years older than he, when he was 20.

Photos of the couple taken from Pei Chen’s Weibo account showed they were open about their three-year relationship, and Darren was known to have taken her to gatherings with his friends.

Darren Wang 2

But Darren’s conservative antique-dealer father objected to the relationship and they had many heated arguments over it. The actor broke up with Pei Chen amicably after his mother pleaded with him. “I wasn’t being rational then, and I shouldn’t have done it,” Darren said.

After shooting to stardom with Our Times, the 24-year-old actor was asked whether he was open to dating older women, and he replied he was. Darren is reportedly seeing actress Eugenie Liu, also 24.

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