Darren Wang’s rumoured girlfriend reportedly broke up with him

Eugenie Liu said to be upset with actor’s contract termination plan

Darren, Eugenie 1

Taiwanese actress Eugenie Liu, 24, has reportedly broken up with her rumoured beau, actor Darren Wang, the star of hit movie Our Times.

Eugenie is said to be upset that Darren, also 24, is planning to terminate his contract with director Angie Chai’s management company, to which she also belongs.

Darren reportedly intends to enter the mainland Chinese entertainment circuit and that would mean being apart from Eugenie for long stretches, so the actress rejected entering into a long-distance relationship and initiated the breakup.

Darren, Eugenie 2

Other sources said that she was unhappy with how Darren was handling the issue of contract termination. And since she’ll be staying on at Angie Chai’s management company, breaking up with Darren would make her position less awkward.

The pair met while filming a volleyball-themed movie last year and have often been spotted out together. Though they concede they admired each other, neither has ever officially confirmed their relationship status.

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