Darren Wang skinny dips as movie brings in NT$300m at box office

Rising star French kisses movie director Chen Yu-Shan in full view of her husband

Darren Wang, Chen Yu-Shan

Taiwanese actor Darren Wang locked lips with movie director Chen Yu-Shan at the celebration party for their hit movie, Our Times, shocking the guests present and embarrassing Yu-Shan’s husband, who clutched his wineglass and turned away.

Darren shot to fame playing the male lead in the massively popular Our Times, a 2015 Taiwan movie about schoolyard romance helmed by Yu-Shan, who is known for a string of Taiwan’s best-known drama series including Fated to Love You, At the Dolphin Bay, My MVP Valentine, Westside Story, Mr Fighting, Queen of No Marriage and Autumn's Concerto.

Guests at the party suggested Darren kiss his leading lady, Vivien Sung, too. He appeared reluctant, and hemmed and hawed before acquiescing with a 10-second smooch, and then turned back to Yu-Shan for a second helping.

Media insiders also revealed the two had French kissed before, and that Darren and Yu-Shan are close, often snapping intimate wefies.

The actor also fulfilled a promise that he would skinny dip if Our Times earned more than NT$300 million (approximately S$13 million) at the box office. He did the deed on Tuesday in full view of the media present, and when Yu-Shan reached out to hand him his clothes, he pulled her into the pool, before lifting her out of the water in his arms.

Darren Wang

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