Dating rumours between Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan escalate

The 45-year-old actor reportedly sought advice on abstinence from pre-marital sex as his rumoured girlfriend is a Christian

Dating rumours between Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan escalate

Hong Kong TVB actor Kevin Cheng and his Blue Veins co-star Grace Chan once again garnered the media’s attention with new proof alleging that they are dating.

The pair was first speculated to be dating when they acted comfortably while filming an intimate kissing scene. Last month, the two further fuelled the rumours when Grace was photographed in Kevin’s apartment.

Despite the 45-year-old actor clarifying that his 23-year-old co-star had merely dropped by to borrow some DVDs, the paparazzi remained unappeased and even revealed that Kevin had sought advice from his celebrity friend and devout Christian Anjaylia Chan about abstinence from pre-marital sex.

It is believed that Kevin had done so as his rumoured girlfriend Grace is also a Christian and has remained chaste till date.

Before Kevin, Grace and other co-stars flew off to Holland for filming yesterday, the actor frankly admitted that he had talked about pre-marital sex, in an interview at the airport. However, Kevin asked for the media not to take the question out of context, as the discussion had revolved around different aspects of religion.

When Grace was asked if she would make a conscious effort to avoid Kevin when they are in Holland, the 23-year-old replied coolly, “There is no need to avoid each other as nothing has happened.”

Then, what is Grace’s take on relationships with large age gaps?

“What matters most in a relationship is that the couple feel comfortable and compatible with each other. Age is not a problem. Even if the woman is older than the man, it is not an issue as well,” she replied.

Reporters also jokingly asked if she will continue to visit Kevin’s home to ‘borrow DVDs’, Grace smiled and quipped, “No way!”

Despite their nonchalant replies, the pair seemingly avoided each other when asked to pose for a photo together. They only complied and smiled awkwardly for the camera when co-actors Joel Chan and You-Nam Wong stood in between them.

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