Dating rumours of Jam Hsiao and his manager resurfaces

The 28-year-old Taiwanese singer is said to have openly expressed his love for his 40-year-old manager

Dating rumours of Jam Hsiao and his manager resurfaces

Taiwanese singing wonder Jam Hsiao has reportedly displayed his affection for his female manager Summer Lin recently, fuelling previous rumours that the two have an intimate relationship.

Since Jam has debuted as a singer in 2008 after shooting to fame through popular singing programme One Million Star, the public and media had repeatedly speculated that the 28-year-old and his 40-year-old manager Summer’s relationship has gone beyond that of an artiste and his manager.

Not only were they seen filling each other’s bowls with food during their meals, they also rested on each other’s shoulders when they were on a plane ride and were rumoured to be cohabiting.

Yesterday, Jam and more than 10 children spent the day at a skating rink. Summer was spotted standing outside the skating rink and Jam was seen peering at her through the glass. The 28-year-old quickly frosted the glass with his breath and drew a heart, as if indicating his love for her.

Dating rumours of Jam Hsiao and his manager resurfaces

However, Summer stepped out to clarify that Jam had drawn the heart for the children he was with. “Thank you everyone for your concern, but please stop this nonsense if not we will never be able to clear our names,” she added.

The 40-year-old was also said to have done plastic surgery and is beginning to dress more fashionably because of Jam. However, she explained that she had chosen to doll up as she needs to appear on television and is “very pleased” that she is praised for exuberating feminine vibes.

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