Daughter shoos Dee Hsu away at school

Actress plays full-time mum after Here Comes Kangxi, before movie starts filming


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actress and television host Dee Hsu, 37, was shooed away by her youngest daughter when she went to pick up the 3-year-old Alice from school recently.

“I went over at 1.30 p.m. to pick up the youngest because we had agreed I’d be there after she finishes her lunch,” Dee wrote on Facebook last night.

“Yet when she came downstairs, she asked me, ‘Why are you so early?’ I said, ‘Aren’t you done with lunch?’ She said, ‘I’m not ready to leave yet.’”

“As a mother, I don’t know if I’m moved or pleased to hear this. So I sent her back into the classroom, and I’m now relaxing with a cup of coffee.”


Since leaving the 12-year-old talk show Here Comes Kangxi in January, Dee has been playing a full-time mother to her three daughters and taking it easy before work starts on her movie. Her recent appearance at shows during Milan Fashion Week caused a stir because of her daring outfits.

The actress is slated to star in Kevin Tsai’s directorial debut. The pair hosted Here Comes Kangxi together.

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