David Tao caught cheating again?

David Tao’s representative claimed the woman he drove to his house last night was “a friend from overseas”

David Tao caught cheating again?

Taiwanese actor-singer David Tao, who acknowledged that he cheated on his wife Penny Jiang, was spotted getting into a car with a provocatively dressed woman and was seen heading to his house together last night.

His face was flushed and red from a night of binge drinking at a bar with family and friends, and while everyone else headed to their respective homes in taxis, the pair were the only ones heading in the direction of David’s home.

At first, David’s representative said that the woman is “definitely Penny”, but after seeing the pictures, the representative claimed it was a friend of David’s who just returned from overseas, adding that Penny had gone home earlier than them to greet other guests.

David Tao caught cheating again?

However, after the news broke out, Penny suddenly deleted her Facebook profile picture (a sweet couple photo of the two) and is suspected to be disheartened by the rumours.

Netizens brought up the fact that he declared “I will only ever love one woman (Penny)” at the press conference where he apologised to everyone and expressed their doubts about his statement.

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