David Tao debunks rumours of cheating affair

David Tao deliberately held hands with his wife when they arrived in Beijing together

David Tao debunks rumours of cheating affair

Making efforts to regain his image, Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao was spotted in public with his wife Penny Jiang on two consecutive days. He took her to the mall on Monday and was spotted walking hand in hand with her the following day.

The couple had flown from Taoyuan to Beijing together and deliberately held hands in front of the cameras as they walked to the VIP area whilst talking and laughing.

When David was questioned about the situation with his ex-girlfriend Yang Zi Qing, he bluntly replied, “I’ve already spoken about this!”

However, when Penny was asked if she has forgiven her husband, she gave a forced smile and did not give an answer, proceeding to board the plane with her husband.

David’s representative explained yesterday, “There are other news stories more deserving of the attention (referring to the recent explosion that killed hundreds of young students in Taipei), and all that was said [about David) is incorrect. Penny and her family are the ones most affected by the rumours. Being seen with Penny is the best way to prove the relationship is still intact.”

Zi Qing, who has been repeatedly calling herself a third party over the past few days, wrote on Weibo yesterday: “As long as you have a cruel heart, nothing in this world will be able to hurt you, and you will not care about others.”

Netizens left comments on her post calling her “shameless” and a “whore”. One of the netizens even asked, “Are you involved with any more male celebrities? I’m looking forward to seeing that.”

David will be attending a press conference tonight for Asian Entertainment’s new Chinese-Korean talent show in Beijing.

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