David Tao plans to take legal action against ex-girlfriend

David Tao will hold a press conference tomorrow to explain his side of the story

David Tao plans to take legal action against ex-girlfriend

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao’s lawyer issued a statement on Saturday, stating that they want to take legal action on Yang Zi Qing, who was still unwilling to back down with her claims against him.

The 23-year-old fought back on Weibo, unafraid of the charges pressed against her: “Being popular doesn’t make you more reasonable, being famous doesn’t give you an advantage. No matter if you are a hypocrite or ruthless, the truth is out there. I can afford to hire a lawyer too!”

In an interview, Zi Qing expressed that she found it “very funny” how 45-year-old David wished her “all the best” and then said he plans to take legal action. She added that she is “unaffected by the situation” and stands by what she said, believing that the lawyers will highlight the truth if they go to court.

Zi Qing also claimed she has been with David for six years, which would effectively make her a 17-year-old minor at the time when she began her relationship with him.

David’s record company SEED Music said, “On July 7, we will organise a press conference to explain the situation. Prior to that, we will not respond to any questions.” It was also reported that David has sufficient evidence to prove that Zi Qing’s claims are wrong.

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