David Tao still won’t speak up about rumoured “new love”

David Tao avoided questions about the topic, even when he was directly approached by reporters

David Tao still won’t speak up about rumoured “new love”

Speculations are rife about David Tao’s rumoured new love, especially since his wife Penny Jiang deleted her Facebook account and set her Instagram account as private last weekend, after the photos of David and actress Carina Chen surfaced. And instead of addressing the reports about her husband’s new love interest, Penny shared news about their four newly-adopted children on Saturday.

Both David and Carina were witnessed getting in a car together a week ago and all attempts to clarify the incident have been futile, even though reporters approached him directly.

He was stopped at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong (where he held his wedding last year) on Sunday night as he was trying to drive out, but he ignored the reporters who tried to probe him for answers.

David Tao still won’t speak up about rumoured “new love”

David reportedly remained expressionless and silent throughout the bombs of questions such as: “What are you hiding?”, “Will there be a divorce?”, “Has Penny forgiven you?” and “Will you hold a press conference this time?”

Additionally, Yang Zi Qing, the woman whom he cheated with earlier this year suddenly vented her frustrations at an article written about her titled “Yang Zi Qing, please love yourself a little”. She reposted the article on Weibo and ranted: “There are times when you want to meet with someone just casually, but accidentally get into something more, but there are other times when you want something more but end up meeting them briefly.”

Netizens speculate that she was referring to her ex-boyfriends David and Taiwanese actor-singer Lee Wei when she wrote, “I mean, who can say that they’ve never done things that are against their conscience? What’s wrong with exposing hypocrites for who they truly are? (sigh) All I want to say is, in this world, people only care about money and power!”

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