David Tao sues ex-girlfriend and media

David Tao’s lawyer proved that Yang Zi Qing had set David up by showing their conversation at the press conference yesterday

David Tao sues ex-girlfriend and Quan Min Xing Tan

After days of speculations, Taiwanese singer David Tao finally admitted to cheating on his wife with artiste manager Yang Zi Qing at his press conference yesterday (Jul 7). During the 40-minute session, the 45-year-old formally apologised to his wife Penny Jiang, family, friends and fans, and admitted that he had let everyone down.

At the press conference, his lawyer showcased evidence that Zi Qing had intended to set him up in their LINE chat conversations with elaborately labelled presentation slides. The line where Zi Qing said “We could skip the show and go straight to your room” proved that Zi Qing had initiated their meetup the very day that they were photographed together at a hotel.

David Tao sues ex-girlfriend and Quan Min Xing Tan

Regarding the part of the conversation where David said that it was his “mother’s orders” to marry Penny, the CEO of GREAT Entertainment revealed that David admitted that what he said was “frivolous” and “inappropriate”. Penny has since forgiven David and will not press charges against him for committing adultery.

Meanwhile, David has sued Zi Qing as well as media company Quan Min Xing Tan for uploading misleading and inappropriate content online.

David also said that he is not afraid that Zi Qing will have a bigger counterattack, adding that he doesn’t regret knowing her. He said that he will not divorce his wife, saying that he will only ever love one woman (Penny) and promised to spend more time with her from now on.

Zi Qing posted on Weibo later that day: “If you don’t care about me, why did you reply me? Why did you say ‘I miss you’?”

“You say you didn’t want to meet me, but did I ever hold a gun to your head and force you to meet me? … In the end, it was just ‘frivolous’ speech to you.”

After starting her post bitterly, she ended with well wishes for David and Penny: “I guess I should thank you. Thank you for being frank with me and for saying those words. I wish you and your ‘one and only woman’ all the best!”

David Tao sues ex-girlfriend and Quan Min Xing Tan

Taiwanese actor-singer Chris Wang (also known as Yu Sheng), who was attending an event at the same time as David’s press conference, was asked to share his opinion on the fact that David is admitting his mistakes.

Chris said that “you must take responsibility for your actions” and added that although his wife says she is not worried, he will still keep a distance from his ex-girlfriend. Additionally, Chris said he is too busy now for a second child with more upcoming projects in the works.

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