Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang resolve their 15-year feud

The ex-couple cried after they met and talked for the first time in 15 years

Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang resolve their 15-year feud
Mickey Huang met with Dee Hsu for the first time in 15 years recently on her talk show, ending their long-time feud after he apologised to Dee for his unfaithful act in their past relationship. Dee also apologised sincerely for her rash actions in the past and the two said that they hope to reconcile their friendship in the new year.

Mickey went on to express his gratitude towards Dee for putting down their unhappy past, and the ex-couple broke into tears before they gave each other a friendly hug.

Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang resolve their 15-year feud
The feud between Dee and Mickey is notorious in the entertainment industry as Mickey had reportedly dumped Dee for his new sweetheart, Bowie Tseng, 15 years ago.

Mickey’s betrayal made the spotlight when Dee and her older sister, Barbie Hsu, shamed and reprimanded him on an entertainment news show the sisters co-hosted. He later fell into a gloomy period of his career and was jobless for one to two years due to his bad reputation of a heartbreaker.

However, Mickey’s slowly regained his footing in the entertainment industry. At the peak of his career currently, the witty host clinched the Broadcast Golden Bell Award last year, received praises for his performance as a host on several award ceremonies and is frequently appointed as the host of distinguished events and press conferences.

Apart from a successful career, the 42-year-old bachelor is also currently in a blissful relationship with budding actress, Summer Meng.

Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang resolve their 15-year feud
Mickey went on talk show Here Comes Kangxi recently to promote Selina Jen’s new album. The production team had carefully sought Dee’s permission before inviting him as a guest on the show.

When Mickey made his appearance on the show, Dee, back-facing him, was overwhelmed with feelings. She then exclaimed, “Why do I feel like crying?” before co-host Kevin Tsai wiped off her tears. Dee later regained her composure and initiated a handshake with Mickey and exchanged greetings.

The ex-couple came in contact with each other after Dee sent Mickey a Facebook friend request after knowing that he complimented her new solo album ‘elephant DEE’ on his radio show. However, his appearance on her talk show marked their first meeting with each other.

On the show, Dee also spoke truthfully that she wished to have less enemies in the new year. Dee’s husband, Mike, shares the same thoughts as his wife. However, with regards to the reconciliation of his wife and Mickey, Mike still wishes that the two would keep their distance in their personal lives.

Mickey, on the other hand, said that he would not take the initiative to contact Dee personally in the future. 

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