Dee Hsu denies being a victim of domestic violence

The famous Taiwanese television host clarified that the injury above her eye was caused by a fall in her bathroom


Taiwanese television host Dee Hsu was recently speculated to have been physically abused by her husband Mike Hsu after she was spotted with a red mark above her left eye in an episode of her long-standing talk show Here Comes Kangxi.

On Sunday afternoon, the 36-year-old made her first public appearance since the rumours have started at an event held by skincare brand Clarins. At the interview after the event, Dee stated her stance after being bombarded by questions from the media about her alleged abuse. “My husband and I have an excellent relationship. There is nothing wrong (about our relationship),” she explained.

She added wryly, “I think my husband is very pitiful. Whenever I have a small fall, he would be misunderstood (for hitting me). The bruise above my left eye formed after I had a fall in the bathroom, it was in the night and I didn’t switch on the lights.”

Mike, who keeps a low-profile from the media and public, also commented sarcastically, “I have clarified the misunderstandings made towards me in the past. After those incidences, even if Dee had a mosquito bite, I would also be scared out of my wits.”

At the event, Dee was also asked to comment on her receiving criticisms from netizens and celebrities for speaking up for Taiwanese actress Janet Li after her recent scandal. However, the 36-year-old declined to comment and was quickly escorted away from the stage.

When reporters attempted to get an answer again after the event, Dee answered succinctly, “I’m sorry but I think I will not comment on this. Thank you for your concern.”

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