Dee Hsu dismisses abuse rumours with family pictures

Dee Hsu expressed that she has received nothing but love from her family

Dee Hsu dismisses abuse rumours with family pictures

On Wednesday, Taiwanese multi hyphenate Dee Hsu and her husband were on a cycling trip with their friends when she had an accident, falling face first off her bicycle. She ended up at A&E and fortunately, it was nothing major and she could be discharged immediately.

Yesterday, Dee posted a loving photograph of her family on Facebook, where her daughter is seen hugging her mum around her neck and her husband smiling at the corner.

She even praised her husband for being caring and washing her hair for her, which put a stop to all of those rumours of her husband’s domestic abuse.

The grateful singer said, “Even though my neck is aching now, I’m still very touched by my husband for helping me wash my hair! It’s in tough times (like this) that you can deeply experience the love from your family.”

“When my daughter saw me return home, she took a step back away from me, and I told her, ‘I’m still the mother who loves you!’, and she gradually let her guard down. Now, she clings on to me and refuses to let go. This is love!”

Dee’s fans have been leaving her messages of encouragement and “get well soon” wishes online. One even said, “Even though everyone claims that they are experiencing family conflicts, I can see it in her (Dee’s) eyes that she is truly happy!”

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