Dee Hsu fondles sister Barbie Hsu’s husband on Here Comes Kangxi

Brother-in-law says he wouldn’t have fallen for Little S

Dee Hsu, Wang Xiaofei

Taiwanese actress and host Dee Hsu (also known as Little S) interviewed her own brother-in-law as a guest on a recent episode of the talk show Here Comes Kangxi, and put her trademark moves on Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 34, the husband of her older sister Barbie.

Known for her penchant for touching male guests suggestively, Dee helped herself to Xiaofei’s pectorals, causing the latter to back away while saying, “That’s enough, that’s enough.”

During the show, Dee also asked Xiaofei if he would have fallen for her had he met her first. “Even if I had never met Barbie, that would be impossible,” he replied.

Asked why he didn’t choose to date Dee, Xiaofei said the 37-year-old host had a reputation for making curious “ladylike” movements.

Yesterday, Barbie was asked about her husband’s appearance on her sister’s talk show. “Xiaofei didn’t discuss it with me at all, and I didn’t ask him about it afterwards,” the 39-year-old actress said. “But I’m perfectly at ease with him being interviewed by my sister and Kevin (Tsai, the other host of Here Comes Kangxi).”

The last episode of Here Comes Kangxi will be filmed on December 2, after the two hosts announced their retirement from the 12-year-old show.

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