Dee Hsu has another outburst during A-Mei’s concert

Dee Hsu broke onto the stage and took the microphone to boast that she was a “baby machine” to get back at A-Mei

Dee Hsu has another outburst during A-Mei’s concert

Last night, Taiwanese pop singer-songwriter A-Mei held the 8th show of her Utopia World Tour concert at Taipei Arena. A few other artistes came to support the headlining singer, who was promoting her 15th album Amit.

In the middle of her concert, 42-year-old A-Mei turned to celebrity mothers Christine Fan and Fish Leong and said, “My dear sisters have become mothers already. This is girl power!”

Taiwanese actress-host Dee Hsu, who was involved in an online debate about the incident with Hong Kong presenter Janet Lee recently, was also present at the concert with her daughter.

When A-Mei noticed them in the crowd, she joked, “People around her, be careful! You need to get a hold of her. She can’t be controlled.” She also directly provoked Dee, “Why don’t you come on stage? Take the microphone!”

Unexpectedly, Dee really walked up on stage and expressed her unhappiness about how she only praised her good friends Christine Fan and Fish Leong on their motherhood.

The daring singer said, “If you want to compare who has given birth to more children, I’m the freaking baby machine, okay? I’ve delivered three!”

Her wild behaviour left everyone in shock for the second time, having stunned audiences before when she grabbed A-Mei’s breasts to mock her cleavage during a concert in April last year.

This was not the only instance of wild behaviour on A-Mei’s tour. At all of her previous seven shows, gay couples were seen kissing and this concert was no different. A rainbow flag was raised in support of gay couples and one couple even asked A-Mei to sign their self-made marriage certificate.

A-Mei’s determination to continue the tour despite her sprained right ankle and inability to dance is commendable. She had to go for treatment before the performance to get rid of the black blood scars.

Her bartender beau Sam Yao’s heart went out to her, posting his concern on Facebook, “Can you please rest for a day?” However, A-Mei still went ahead with the show relentlessly.

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